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Climate Circle (EN)


Many of us are familiar with overwhelming emotions that arise when we read about or actively engage with the climate crisis. In everyday life, there is often no space for all these feelings and thoughts - neither at home, nor with friends and family, nor at work. This experience can be paralyzing and gnaws away at our resilience - which we also need to be engaged in the future.

Together with ONE RESILIENT EARTH we will be inviting people to regular Climate Circles in the future. In this safe and supportive space, we encourage acknowledging and sharing these feelings. We can talk openly about injustice, exhaustion, frustration, and sadness, and give each other undivided attention. Likewise, we celebrate moments of joy, hope, togetherness, and inspiring experiences.

All are welcome. It doesn't matter where you come from, what you do, or how old you are. This Climate Circle will be held in English, but in the future we plan to alternate German and English. Participation is free of charge, please register with the ticketlink.

Inspired by the practice of indigenous Talking Circles from areas now known as North America, the Climate Circle builds on the following principles:

- Creating a space for deep listening and being heard
- Equal appreciation of all voices
- Telling stories and sharing experiences
- Building mutual understanding, respect and support
- Valuing the gifts, knowledge, talents and experiences of each individual
- Building local community

Host Laureline Simon has led and facilitated international collaboration projects on climate change mitigation and adaptation since 2006, including with the United Nations Climate Change secretariat. She founded One Resilient Earth in 2020 to pioneer a regenerative and transformative approach to fostering climate resilient communities through active learning. One Resilient Earth works with people, international organizations, universities, museums and local community organizations, and nurtures synergies between science, art, ancient wisdom and new technologies.



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Free of charge, please register


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