Aufbau publishing houses
The Aufbau publishing houses are now one of the last independent houses in the German-language publishing landscape and are majority-owned by the non-profit foundation Kommunikationsaufbau. Its origin is the Aufbau Verlag, founded in 1945 in East Berlin, into which other publishing houses were integrated after the accession of the new federal states of Germany. The books, e-books and audio books published by Aufbau publishing houses discover literary talents, publish world literature, entertain and stimulate debates.
tak Theater Aufbau Kreuzberg
Since 2019, a collective artistic direction is responsible for the theatre in the Aufbau Haus, the tak Theatre Aufbau Kreuzberg. The programme focuses on transnational theatre work with a view to the topics and questions of globalised societies in the 21st century.
(Photo: Pierro Chiussi) 
die Künstlerische Leitung des tak, 6 Personen
Moritz & Friends
Moritz & Friends is an action platform around Kreuzberg's Moritzplatz. Initiated by local organisations from creative industries, gastronomy, the social sector and commerce, we have been pursuing a common goal for a long time: to make Moritzplatz a better, "more beautiful" place for the people who live and work here.
Moritzplatz ohne Verkehr, Menschen sitzen und flanieren
Kiez-Network Kreuzberg
From the very beginning, Aufbau Haus GmbH has been involved in the Kiez-Network Kreuzberg, a platform for community-oriented cooperation between tradespeople, freelancers, social organisations and educational institutions in Kreuzberg North on the basis of common interests. The aim is to increase the quality of life and stay in Kreuzberg North for those who live, work, study or visit here.
Mitglieder:innen des Kiez-Netzwerks tauschen sich aus