Visolux Bechstein Gebäude Außenanansicht

History of the building

Today's Aufbau Haus consists of two parts: a renovated and extended old building (Prinzenstrasse 85) and the new building that juts out into Oranienstrasse (Prinzenstrasse 84).
The original building was erected at the end of the 1960s as a textile factory (Ertex company), later Nixdorf computers were built here and then the world-famous Bechstein pianos, which is why the old building was also known as the "Bechsteinhaus" on Moritzplatz.
After a period of vacancy, the conversion and refurbishment of the old building began in 2008 according to plans by the architects Clarke und Kuhn, and the new Aufbau Haus on Moritzplatz was finally opened in 2011. 

As planned, the second construction phase was realised with a time delay. Barkow Leibinger Architects designed the new building, which closed the gaping hole to the listed Elsner-Haus.

The Aufbau Haus Prinzenstrasse 84 opened in October 2015 after two years of construction. 

Traces of the previous use can still be found today in the Aufbau Haus (Prinzenstrasse 85), feel free to make an appointment for a group tour at