Aufbau Haus


Aufbau Haus is a special place in Kreuzberg that harks back to the days when Moritzplatz was a meeting place and hub of Berlin.
Located directly on the square, it is currently home to more than 60 different cultural and creative industry ventures, self-organisations of the Sinti and Roma minority and – of course – restaurants and cafés.  
In Aufbau Haus, professional creatives, curious visitors and neighbours from the Kiez (i.e. neighbourhood) find space for inspiring encounters. The close proximity of artists, writers, craftspeople and shops makes direct contact easy, and ideas are being spun, carried forward and developed. Makers and those who want to become one work and meet here.  
Aufbau Haus is an open, versatile and diverse place for everyone. 
Almost every day there is a public programme of events with exhibitions, readings, theatre or workshops. 

Aufbau Haus owes its name to the Aufbau publishing houses, which have been based here since it opened in 2011. The publishing group includes the brands aufbau, aufbau taschenbuch, aufbau audio and Aufbau digital as well as Blumenbar, Ch. Links Verlag, Die Andere Bibliothek, Edition Braus, more and Rütten & Loening.

Modulor, the material paradise not only for the creative artists of tomorrow – the students of srh Berlin School of Design and Communication –, but for all creative and artistic people, has also been there from the beginning. Around it you will find experts in printing, foil cutting, milling, woodworking and also mosaic art to help you turn your ideas into reality. Goldsmiths, architects and designers can be observed at work in their studios, some of which are made of glass. Next door, minimum offers classic furniture for your office and home. And maybe you'll take home a self-portrait from the world's only walk-in IMAGO Camera

At tak Theater Aufbau Kreuzberg, internationally networked groups from the independent scene have come together to establish a transnational theatre. Kai Dikhas Foundation, Moritzplatz bookshop and CLB Berlin – to name just a few – also offer an extensive programme of events with exhibitions, readings and roundtable discussions. The Young Tinkerers' TüftelLab Berlin wants to empower young people to actively and sustainably shape the world with digital tools and offers exciting workshops to this end.

The Educational Forum against Antiziganism and the associated Reporting and Information Centre regularly organise educational events: workshops, conferences, exhibitions, readings and film screenings.  
The youth organisations Amaro Drom and Amaro Foro create space for political and social participation of young Sinti:zze and Rom:nja, and AspE and the competence centre IBAS also promote understanding between the majority society and the minority. 
Of course, a diverse culinary offering cannot be missing at such a venue: The scent of ROCK-PAPER-SCISSORS Café & Co constantly wafts through the main foyer at Prinzenstrasse 85 and Foodbag offers international cuisine.   

Aufbau Haus is surrounded by a rapidly developing, transnational and political neighbourhood that is home to numerous start-ups and offices. At the same time, the residential area around the nearby Wassertorplatz is one of the poorest in Berlin.
This gives us a special responsibility for this neighbourhood: we don't see Aufbau Haus as a design UFO that has landed on Moritzplatz, but rather seek contact with the neighbours and residents in the area.
To this end, we are involved in the Kiez-Netzwerk Kreuzberg and in urban development issues around Moritzplatz